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It’s Fall and we’re headed into a busy holiday season. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas there are tons of events, parties and gatherings that you want to look fabulous and feel beautiful since your photo will be getting snapped every which way you turn. Why don’t you take some time to clean out that makeup case, maybe get a fresh new one, then get some new make up while you’re at it.

I can help you do that! Come on over to my Facebook Younique party and see what we’ve got: fabulous 3D mascara that eliminates the needs for false lashes, 32 gorgeous mineral pigments for eyes in matte and shimmer, luscious lip glosses, awesome lip liners and smudge proof eyeliners in gorgeous shades. There’s also cream and mineral powder foundations that will even your skin tone and make you look fresh and dewy.


Here’s the link to the Facebook party and if you want to just get to shopping, then here ya go!!

Have you tried Younique yet? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts? If not, why not? What’s stopping you?