Tarsem Singh directed this stylistic film about the mythological Greek gods, a war mongering self-proclaimed king, and the hero that rises from humble beginnings to defeat him. Marketed as a visual epic from the producers of 300, it does not quite live up to it’s predecessor. I usually love Eiko Ishioka’s work (costume designer) but I’ve seen most of what she’s done before. The Hellenics looked like blue and silver versions of the Spartans from 300 and King Hyperion’s horde could have been the horde of trolls from the Lord of the Rings. The Gods were stylistically pleasing to look at but they seemed ‘plastic’ to me. It was quite evident that their helmets and armor were ABS plastic vacu-formed and painted gold. The oracles and Athena’s Olympus costume were probably the best in the movie: deceptively simple looking but lots of detail if you looked close enough.

immortals zeus

immortals hyperion

immortals oracle

Film Title: Immortals