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I love looking at artists’ renderings of historical and fantastical characters. In a way they are ‘costume designers’ since they draw their subjects with such rich detail. I am researching ideas and inspiration for a possible contest costume for next year. I have no idea where I want to focus, I just know it needs to be rich, detailed and over the top.

This is Epona, the Goddess of the Horse from Celtic Mythology.  I love the intricacy of the knot work applique on her skirt. Can you find the horse in the knot work?


This is an artist’s idea of what Cinderella looks like after she’s married Prince Charming and has become queen. I love the rich brocade fabric of the skirt and the stomacher of the dress with the fur detail. The pearl belt is interesting with the large knots at the ends.

Queen Cinderella MMVII