My favorite look won! Congrats to Victor who makes me want to try to braid pleather and make my own fringe. Amazing. Yay for sending ‘Precious Moments’ home (as TLO call him) finally!! He’s just so….precious and not in the good way. He ‘only wants to dress models’ and would ‘prefer they not have boobs’ (last week’s episode) and now he doesn’t want to dress rock stars either? What planet does he live on?

This challenge could have been cool but turned out to be ridiculous. First, (and I concur with TLO on this) choose a band who really does want to wear cool rockstar fashion as part of their image. This group had nothing going on style-wise, and the designers who were trying to please the clients ended up with an Epic Fail. There were two interesting and cool looks: Viktor’s with the awesomely fun braided pleather ‘armor’ jacket, and Josh who did the updated hippie which was made interesting with the prints. I also liked Bert’s striped jeans but hated the tunic thing. The rest of the looks were cheesy and stereotypical. There was more bad than good on the runway this week.

TLO summarize last night’s episode here.