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New sites for shoe shopping are popping up all over the Inter Webs these days. The idea is you sign up, take a style quiz, and their personal consultants will choose a ‘style closet’ of shoes for you each month. Every pair is the same flat price and many of the sites offer free shipping and also accessories like jewelry and bags.

Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Dazzle matches you to your best shoes picks based on a personal style quiz. You also get a selection of bags and jewelry to choose from, and if you don’t like what they’ve shown you you can request an alternate selection. You can invite your friends and when they sign up you can shop their showroom. Each purchase you make or friend that signs up earns you StylePoints towards credit for future merchandise. You can even give gift cards, share your favorites on Facebook, and keep a favorites list. Registering is free and you are not obligated to purchase, however, if you purchase a pair of shoes in September and do not remember to ‘skip’ the month of October by the fifth, they will charge your card.


Shoe Privee works the same way. You may register for free, take the style quiz and see a showroom of styles selected for you, each at the same flat price.A really nice perk with Shoe Privee is that last month’s shoes are discounted even further in the current month.

Sole Society works the same way as both ShoeDazzle.com and ShoePrivee.com. You may register for free and you will be presented a showroom of ‘sole mates’.  If you don’t want to buy one month, you must ‘skip’ by the fifth. Their shoe selections are $49.95 each and they offer free shipping and returns.

My favorite site out of the three is ShoeDazzle.com. They have the most features, and I use their Favorites list all the time. I also like that it’s a one-stop shop for shoes, bags, and jewelry.