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Paris, France. Milan, Italy. NY, NY. All of these cities are centers of fashion crammed with designer studios, fashion schools, and fabric retailers and manufacturers, and evoke visions of runways and willowy models wearing the latest in haute couture (or RTW for that matter!).

Beijing, China? Not the first place most people think of when talking about fashion of any kind. Surprisingly, there is a level of talent and artistry that far surpasses any of our expectations. Meet Guo Pei, a Chinese designer who spins fantasy couture garments with her own unique Chinese twist. Mixing the best of Western fashion with the artistry of Chinese silks, brocades and beading techniques to create something entirely new.

Guo Pei
The designer with one of her creations.

Inspired by Queen Nefertiti? Intricate workmanship on this and I’m loving the paneled skirt.

I wonder if she was inspired by Alexander McQueen or John Galliano?

GP chinadoll
A modern day china doll. Amazing beadwork and embroidery. Love the engineered shape.

GP matador
Chinese bull-fighting anyone? Love the Spanish style pant with the intricate detail.

guo pei phoenix
A Chinese Phoenix rises!

(All photos from cfp.cn)