First, I LOVE that Buckingham Palace maintains a Flickr site. Just goes to show the world is getting smaller every day and even Royals use the tools we all do on a daily basis.

I’m not even going to comment on the family photos, but this one of the couple is lovely. It’s too bad that they didn’t do pre-wedding portraits of Kate. I would think she’d want some photos like what I have. Or maybe they did and they are being kept private for the couple, which would be lovely if they did.
HRH Prince William and Princess Catherine Official Wedding

I love this photo showing the inverted pleated skirts on the bridesmaid dresses. These were so cute and just a bit different from the typical gathered-skirt look we usually see.
bridesmaids and pages

On to the evening reception fashion.

Check out Pippa. Ok, so it’s a simple line, but the color and style look great on her. Look how teensy tiny she is. I think I like Alice Temperley. I applaud Pippa for keeping it simple enough NOT to take too much attention away from Kate, but stylish enough to wear a bold color with a bit of ‘sexy’.
pippa walking
Pippa in Alice Temperly

Finally, Kate’s second dress. Lovely clean lines in a gorgeous fabric and a very flattering sweetheart neckline. Finally some Bling!!! Yay is all I can say. And she kept it simple swapping out the jewels on the head and at the neckline for a glitzy shimmering belt. Lovely. I even like the angora cropped cardigan even though T Lo says it looks like they skinned a kitten.
KM second dress
Her hair is lovely and her makeup is good. I wish I could see the shoes.

It will be interesting to watch Kate in the coming years to see how her style evolves, and what designers she chooses to wear.

If you want to get personal with the couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge maintain a website as part of William’s father’s online presence here:

I suppose I still owe everyone a commentary on the absurd fabulosity of hats.

Photo Credits: US Weekly,, The British Monarchy’s Flickr site