Yes, I was up at 4am EST to watch the pre-wedding show. I am so glad I got up to watch when I did because the guests arriving at the Abbey was one of the most entertaining aspects of the wedding. It was such fun to see absurd absolutely fabulous hats with very conservative coat dresses on the ladies. I especially loved that the men were able to inject splashes of color into their ensembles by wearing brightly colored ties and contrasting colored waistcoats with their formal mourning coats. Delightful!! British men DO know how to dress for occasions.

Tom and Lorenzo sum it up best when it comes to the guests and their attire. IMHO they are spot on.
Tom and Lorenzo

I was switching between BBC America and TLC for the coverage. BBC doesn’t come in on HD so it was harder to watch given the quality. It was also interesting to note the differences in the broadcasts: BBC was a bit stodgy and conservative while TLC had Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear who pretty much lambasted all the cool and funky stuff and also didn’t like the conservative clothes. I was a bit surprised.

So the big question then. Was I disappointed with Kate’s wedding dress?

Surprisingly I thought it was lovely. It suited the constraints of the royal requirements, looked lovely on her and was designed and made by one of my favorite fashion houses of the moment, Alexander McQueen. Though technically it was Sarah Burton who took over as Creative Director on his death last year who collaborated with Kate, she’s kept the legacy of his iconic style lines while still honoring the timeless classic styles that the Royals require. Would I have liked to see more bling and a bit of beading? Of course, because that’s what I like. She looked lovely and I’m sure she felt beautiful and that’s what is most important for her. I do still love my wedding day look the best, but that is as it should be. Every bride should love her look and feel beautiful on her wedding day.

The official royal wedding website has realized a full description of Kate’s wedding day look.
Official Wedding Dress and Look Details

I loved the wedding service itself. I thought it was perfect and appropriate for the occasion. Of course, my wedding was a Christian Protestant service as well so I could easily relate to the order and understood quite clearly the significance of the different parts of it. Our services were quite similar in makeup too, though Tim and I were not constrained to the solemnity present at Wills and Kate’s ceremony. We had a bit less pressure to be so staid. Given that I laughed the whole way down the aisle, and that we giggled at each other in joy through the service I’d say there was NO pressure. You can see and hear us expressing quite openly our happiness on the day. I suppose if I had 2 billion pair of eyes on me I would have been a bit more reserved as well.

I have lots more to read and see so I’m sure I’ll have lots more to say in coming days about this wedding. All in all, a good wedding. It is a happy occasion for the couple who are obviously in love and care about each other deeply. A huge contrast to that day 31 years ago.