We arrived at the Radnor Hotel for our formal reception in style in our fabulous 50’s Phantom. A ‘wedding party only’ cocktail service had already begun in the Rose Glen room and that’s where Tim and I found the wedding party. I set my personal items down and headed to the reception hall. I wanted to see the room before the guests piled in, plus I needed my dress bustled and the ladies room just wasn’t spacious enough. Sam tagged along and eventually Tim made it in there too to help Sam bustle my dress. Meanwhile, a server had already gone to get me one of our signature cocktails, The Celtic Knot.

Investigating the ribbons to tie for the French bustle.

My seamstress was fun. She used all different colors because she knew I’d be ok with it.

Even Tim helped out. He’s a good husband.

Our custom seating chart with both Scottish and Irish maps watermarked and now hanging in our house as a memento of everyone who shared the day with us! We also saved paper because we didn’t do traditional place cards. Our guest book, which isn’t shown, was a matted photograph of us but the matte was a metal that could be ‘signed’ with a special stylus. It’s also hanging in the house as a memento of our day. Once we get a wedding portrait print, it will go in the frame instead of our engagement photo. I figured guestbooks just get thrown in a drawer or a box and I wanted to be able to enjoy our ‘guest book’ displayed in the house.

The room from the entrance looking down towards the dance floor.

My cake featuring the Trinity Knot which was used throughout the entire event as a symbol of mine and Tim’s union and our faith in God.

The cocktail hour musical trio from Franklin and Alison Orchestra. They did a lovely job. The music was perfect for the occasion.

Julia and Kevin. Julia was one of the very first people I met when I started costuming recreationally. She’s even worked on a couple of theater shows for me doing crafty bits like masks for the first theater show I ever designed – Narnia! I’m so happy they were able to be at the wedding. It was so good to see them.

My Aunt Carlene, her husband Uncle Jack, my cousin Kathy, and Jack’s daughter-in-law

My aunt Helen, my cousin Matt (Helen’s son) and his wife Beth, my Aunt Margaret, and my cousin Shannon with her husband Gerard – they just had a baby named Jake. Beth is due any day now!

The crew who dubbed the wedding “JenniCon” and who I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with that weekend. I want Star Trek pj’s!!

Long time church members and folks I’ve known since I was 13. I was so happy they could celebrate the day with us.

Cutest shot of SamSquared for the weekend.

My parents with a mix of family, close neighbors and church family.

Sigrira and Sam. 🙂

My new family looking sharp.

Long time family friends Dennis and Donna, along with Bruce and Marilyn who also happen to be Greg’s parents, posing with Rita. I was thrilled when the RSVP cards arrived and all of them said yes!

College friends Matt, Ellen and Tom who was in the wedding party.

My past next door neighbor Tony and his fiancee with me and Tim. Tony and I lived next door to each other when I owned my condo in Devon, PA. As I was going back to art school I moved out and sold the place, but Tony and I have kept in touch. I was thrilled that he and his fiancee could come to our wedding. I hadn’t seen Tony since 2003!

Some brides and grooms choose to stay out of the way and not attend the main cocktail hour. Tim and I wanted to be there with everyone else so after 20 minutes in the private room we joined the guests. We got to talk to more people that way and enjoy the music and ambiance of the event.

Some church family viewing the family wedding photograph display we had at the reception. My parents, Tim’s parents, siblings, grandparents and aunts and uncles wedding photos were on the table. This was our way of honoring our families and their marriages, plus it’s fun to share the family history that way.

Sue with daughters Kaye and Dardrae looking at the wedding photo display.

The cocktail hour food was fabulous. We had six hot butlered hors d’oeuvres, a pasta station featuring seven different toppings, a selection of cheeses, crackers, fruit and veggies, plus fondue, and a selection of cold hors d’ouevres. I wish we had photos because it was quite a spread!

Our signature cocktail, the Celtic Knot. Yum! I think I had about 12 of them at least through the evening.

At about 8pm they opened the doors for everyone to be seated. The wedding party hung back – we were going to be announced into the formal reception. The party was just getting started!