Party time!! Starting with an informal tea reception and receiving line in the church hall. Since my Dad is a minister and we wanted the whole congregation to be able to come to the wedding we got around inviting them to the formal reception by having an informal tea reception during the receiving line. It worked well for my brother’s wedding. People still get to say hello and feel a part of the day but you don’t have to pay for 500 people at the formal recepton. I think there were probably about 160 or 170 people at the church and 120 were at the Radnor reception (including me and Tim).



Yay! Sigrira, Nancy, Mary and Carmen!!

Everybody wanted to see the purple shoes and crinoline!

Eating was a major theme at the wedding and the Nugget got in on the action.

Even Lily was in on it. Mini cupcakes – yum!




Greg and his wife Rita with their two kids came all the way out from Pittsburgh. I grew up with Greg when my Dad served a church in the north hills. I’ve known him since I was 7 years old. I attended his wedding to Rita going on 20 years ago!

Tim’s long time freind Dean and his wife Gabriella. Dean was in the wedding and it was the first time I had met both of them.

Kayli and Caitlin, who graciously helped pass out silver bells to everyone, waiting for us to exit the church.

Stepanie and her mom Kaye. Were you cold Steph? You could have borrowed a wrap!

Everyone’s ringing their tiny silver bells so a kiss is required as we exit the church.

Take note Ladies – Tim is carrying my purse AND my bouquet!

The gorgeous vintage silver fox fur wrap was my something borrowed from Sue, my new MIL. I lurved it and it was perfect for the dress and the style of the day!

Check out the Nugget when we say hi to him on our way out.

A glamour shot.

I’m laughing again. All day, the whole day. It was a VERY happy occasion.

Sam rocked it helping me in and out of the car every time.

Our antique 50’s Rolls Royce Phantom was epically cool!

See you at the Reception!

While all of our wedding party and guests were headed to the Radnor for the reception, Tim and I made a stop at the nursing facility where my grandmother was staying. Unfortunately it was just too difficult for me to get in and out of the car so we have no photos with her. My aunt had brought her down and wheeled her outside so she could see us in our wedding finery sitting in the car. I’m glad we did that because she passed away just a few weeks ago. I think she held on just for the wedding. She was so upset when the doctors told her she couldn’t go to the church or reception.