Saturday morning November 6, 2010 dawned crisp, sunny and a bit windy. I got up and got out for an hour walk with Fergus before everyone arrived. The women of the wedding party and family were scheduled to arrive at 10am. Bella Angel makeup and hair stylists were arriving around 9:30 to get set up. I took my shower, dried my hair and got into my purple zip-front Tinkerbell hoodie. Mom had prepared brunch with bagels, yogurt, fresh fruit and other lite fare for everyone coming to the house to get ready. Everybody started arriving right on time. I was pretty relaxed, nibbling on brunch, and mixing around talking to everyone. I was going to be last to get my hair and makeup so all the girls got started right away. It was nice to have everyone there getting ready. There was makeup, hair and jewelry talk since i was letting all the bridesmaids choose their own hairstyle and jewelry.


The makeup was sort of directed by me: a retro vintage pinup type of look with a neutral eye with a heavy lash and liner, and the lip color that looked best on each girl. Most went for false eyelashes like me. Even my Mom got false eyelashes – it was her first time!  Bella Angel did a terrific job on everyone’s makeup and hair. I thought everybody looked like themselves but a ‘red carpet’ version of themselves. Everyone’s hair was super cute and the makeup looked amazing. While I was getting my makeup and hair done, the girls were getting dressed along with the Moms and the other family that came to get dressed at the house. Sam was busy steaming and pressing dresses when she was not getting her hair and makeup done.

Mom with makeup done, now hair.

Sam helping out.

Stephanie (our neice) getting her hair done.

Kayli, our other niece and Jr. Bridesmaid getting makeup after her hair is done. And yes, I let her wear a tiara for the wedding.

Leah, my SIL, getting hair done. Makeup complete, so pretty.

Sam getting the hair treatment. Makeup done. Love it!!

Sam’s hair piece she made, of course!

Dea doing her own hair and makeup because she’s fabulous that way!

Our niece Kayli and her Mom my new SIL Dardrae getting ready. I love this photo of them!

My other new SIL Kaye with her daughter Stephanie.

My turn!

At about noon the wedding party flowers arrived and I was getting my hair done. The arrival of the flowers and getting to hold my bouquet for the first time made me tear up. Suddenly it was all real – the day I’d been dreaming about for the last 15 years and that I’d been planning for 16 months. I was really ready and very happy.






The girls were upstairs getting dressed and some shenanigans ensued. At one point Sam traversed the entire house in petticoat, bloomers, waist cincher and bra. I cannot WAIT to see what the videographers captured since we had TWO cameraman roaming the house filming everything!!







Finally everyone was dressed and it was my turn to get my dress on. Dea, Sam and my Mom and I retreated to my parents’ room for me to put on my dress and make those final finishing touches to my wedding day style. Before I got dressed though, Dardrae delivered a card and gift from Tim. He gave me a gorgeous right-hand diamond ring with pave set diamonds in a white gold swirly looking contemporary setting. So elegant and pretty. He knows who to choose jewelry for me.















After I was fully dressed and ready, Dea and Sam exited the room. I had a few private moments with my Mom and Dad without photography or videography. I knew we wouldn’t get another chance so I planned it before my first meeting with Tim. It was lovely. My Dad told me I was always his Princess but today I looked like one. It was a bit of a sentimental moment with Mom and Dad and a lovely one. My parents had waited a long time for me to find the right guy and were thrilled that I had found Tim. Their support and love  was evident in their smiles throughout the events of the day.

In just a few minutes I would go downstairs to the living room to stand in front of the bay window and wait for Tim to come in and see me in all my wedding finery for the first time…