At the end of February I head north to my parents’ home with my fiance to attend to a number of wedding related tasks. One of them is a cake tasting appointment along with design selection. At the Radnor Hotel reception tasting we’ll have the opportunity to sample selections from the Masters Baker. The next day we have an appointment with Clay’s Bakery. While quality and taste are important we also want to be sure the bakery can execute what we have in mind. We want to bring in elements of our Celtic heritage and a very easy way to do that is incorporate knot work into the cake design. I envision a white cake with raised Celtic knot work patterns around the sides in silver. We’re thinking of repeating the Trinity Knot along with the Eternity Knot. I am not planning on using a cake topper. I can’t find one that suits my style and don’t want to do what everyone else has done (i.e. monogram initials in crystal are very popular right now).

These are examples of cakes I’ve found inspiring for our cake design. I plan on taking these to the cake tasting appointments.

Inspiration cakes for our wedding cake

::Photo Credits::

All photos from theknot.com with the exception of the ivory, gold and purple: Bredenbeck’s Bakery.